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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1563185853277{padding-top: 15px !important;padding-right: 15px !important;padding-bottom: 15px !important;padding-left: 15px !important;}”]Q: Is there a dress code at Levels Club?

A: Dress to impress! We advise a smart casual dress code. Please note that flip flops, sandals, sportswear, hoodies, vests, snap backs, baseball caps and shorts are not permitted at Levels.


Q: When are you open?

A: Levels is open 7 days a week, from 10pm until late.


Q: Where are you located?

A: Levels Club is located on the happening Sukhumvit Soi 11, you’ll find us near the end of the road, on the left hand side as you’re coming from Sukhumvit Road. Please see our Map for detailed location.View Map


Q: What’s the style of Levels Club?

A: Levels is a luxury nightclub in the heart of Bangkok that caters to anyone who loves to have a great night out. Fill the dance floor or reserve a private table with VIP table service, it’s entirely up to you! We bring the European nightclub scene to Bangkok; that means great music, large open dance floors and a diverse mix of party-goers for an all-round great night out.

Q: Do you sell generic erectile dysfunction drugs?

A: No, we do not sell medicines. But you can order generic Cialis online and take it before or after visiting the club.

Q: What kind of music does Levels play?

A: Levels plays all the hits and dance music. Of course, this varies from DJ to DJ, so check out our Events page for more information. We also host special events with specific music genres, so be sure to check our ‘events’ page to make sure you don’t miss the nights you’ll love!

Q: Can I bring my own bottles? Is there a corkage fee?  

A: Please note that outside alcohol is not allowed at Levels. We have a wide selection of drinks available. Feel free to contact us about the available bottle service packages at info@levelsclub.com or call us at +66 (0)82 308 3246.


Q: Can I leave my bottle if I don’t finish?

A: Yes you can! Unfinished bottles can be kept for up to two weeks. You’ll receive a bottle card which you can simply show to our staff when you return to continue partying!


Q: Does Levels Club have a membership club?

A: Currently Levels does not have a membership club.


Q: How much does a table cost?

A: For table reservation, there is a minimum cost of THB 9,700 that includes a selection of bottles, mixers along with a personal waiter/waitress for your table throughout the night. You’ll receive full VIP service from the moment you sit down!


Q: How many people can sit at a table?

A: 6 people can sit comfortably at a table.  If you are planning to have 8 or more people, we recommend that you book an additional table to ensure there’s plenty of space to accommodate all your friends. Feel free to contact us about the available bottle service packages at info@levelsclub.com or call us at +66 (0)82 308 3246


Q: Can Levels accommodate parties?

A: Certainly, for parties we suggest booking a couple of tables for your group, or if you really want to impress, book the Mezzanine. The Mezzanine provides a private space for large parties, with indoor and outdoor areas, ideal for corporate events or talk of the town parties.


Q: What is the legal drinking age in Thailand?

A: In Thailand, you must be 20 years of age to buy or consume alcohol. We recommend bringing your original ID even if you are older than 20, as you will likely be asked to show proof of age before entering Levels.


Q: Can I bring a photographer for my party?

A: Please note that Levels does not allow private photographers into the club. We do however, have our own photographers taking pictures throughout the night to capture the best and most memorable moments. Please note that this also means all customers entering Levels Club are agreeing to have their pictures taken unless otherwise stated.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]